Case Study: Amusement Parks

Predicting Ticket Sales within 1% Accuracy

The Goal & The Obstacle

An amusement park company wanted to know how many season ticket sales they could expect for the upcoming year. They owned a number of parks throughout North America, and this information would determine how they spent their marketing dollars. The agency they were working with knew they needed to pull in a data analytics team and brought in AMP.

The Plan

AMP analyzed the historical data, created data models, and presented our predictions for season ticket sales. Those predictions were within 1% accuracy and have continued to be that close in accuracy for 4 years running!

When the company’s data supplier went up on pricing, they decided to try purchasing data from AMP. AMP created a MicroModel® for each of their amusement parks and curated a customized data list for each location. By using this tailored data, the company’s response rates doubled.

The Results

The following year, they decided to move solely to digital advertising. AMP applied our MicroModeling® tool to all of their digital and social media data. The company’s digital responses nearly doubled.

The next year, the company changed tactics once again and decided to try an omni-channel marketing approach. AMP supplied them with models and data for their direct mail and their digital campaigns. The company is thrilled with their results and continues to see ticket sales growth.
  • Predicted Ticket Sales within 1% Accuracy
  • Doubled Direct Mail Responses
  • Nearly Doubled Digital Responses
  • Customized MicroModel for Each Location