What is MicroModeling®?

MicroModeling® is our proprietary solution that builds a separate model for every location, market or segment. This creates the most detail and highest level of accuracy possible.

Next, the Vertical Insights screens over 470 lifestyle and behavioral data points to index the most positive and negative tendencies of your target audience. The refined audience is calibrated with this additional information.

MicroModeling® finds the target quickly and trims unlikely responders. This creates major savings and increases results at the same time. But wait… we aren’t done yet.

One of the greatest features of MicroModeling® is the 50+ page reports built for every location or market analyzed. Now you can study intricate details about market penetration and see the greatest opportunities. Reports are built into layers which allows for multiple views of the target audience.

Campaign Analysis is much more than response rates. MicroModeling® identifies who is responding to what and creates a Continuous Improvement by recalibrating models.

MicroModeling® builds savings, increased sales, higher response rates, lower customer acquisition costs, granular targeting and greatest return on investment.