Find Top Prospects – MicroModeling®

Your business is unique and so is your customer base. At AMP, we understand you need solutions crafted especially for you, so we created our MicroModeling® tool to analyze your customers and identify key data points. We comb through over 470+ demographics, lifestyle, and behavioral data points, 10 layers of geography, and more than 4600 proprietary super variables in order to truly understand who your best customers are and where they are coming from.

Our findings are delivered to you in a 45+page customer analysis report. You can use this information to build out your marketing strategies and create relevant advertisements for your audience.

After your custom model is built, the prospect list is run through the model which scores and ranks each record. Instead of taking a random selection from your prospect universe, you can choose the households most likely to buy from you and trim those least likely to respond from your marketing efforts.

MicroModeling® allows you to select the prospects you want to target, reduce marketing waste, and increase your return on investment.

How It Works

  1. We clean up the data.
  2. If needed, we will append missing information.
  3. We create a model and a customer profile.
  4. We will score your prospect list and identify those most likely to respond.
  5. You send out your campaign.
  6. When the campaign is over, we can run a response analysis and let you know who responded. We will also take this information to update and refine the model.