Know Who Responded – AMP Ultra-Match

How well did your campaign perform? Most people measure success by the number of impressions served and the number of links clicked. While interactions are a good indicator of how well your campaign did, not every customer will use the QR Code, PURL, discount code, etc. Your campaign probably did better than you think it did, but responders are slipping through the cracks.

At AMP, we believe true success lies in the number of conversions, and we want to help our clients identify as many responders as possible. We created an 18-Step matching algorithm called AMP Ultra-Match. This process takes your marketing list and matches it up to your transaction file and delivers matches with a 90% confidence score. Just to be sure we were delivering the highest quality of matches to our clients, we had this process extensively tested by a federal analyst.

Once the matches have been identified, we can feed that information back into your model and refine it, increasing the quality of your prospects with every campaign.