Mike Cannon

President, Rally Prospecting

“AMP is a market leader in the field of direct mail optimization. Their proprietary MicroModeling® system is an important innovation that yields substantial return on investment. If your company utilizes direct mail to reach consumer audiences, then AMP is an approach that you need to explore!”

Mike Beddor

CEO, Japs-Olson Company

“MicroModeling® delivers strong insights for direct marketing. It helps companies find consumers with the greatest potential to respond and describes exactly what they look like.”

Cliff McDougall


“The team at AMP has the unique ability to create winning MicroModeling®, this has helped clients improve their DM acquisition efforts, improving ROI. The insights gained from working with the AMP team allow me to solve client’s problems faster and more completely.”

John Loftis

President, The Innovative Group

“Success in B2C marketing depends on being able to target the right prospect at the right time with the right message. There is no better way to predictably and repeatedly find the right prospect at the right time than through AMP’s MicroModeling® process. MicroModeling® identifies both the prospects that will respond and the ones to ignore. We call it ‘the secret sauce of an effective campaign.’”

Cliff Poynter

Meredith-Webb Printing Co.

“Many of our customers bring us a list, but lists are just raw information. AMP’s MicroModeling® is the tool that turns lists into powerful data. Postage is a fixed cost, but we have been able to maximize effectiveness for our customers by improving results of their marketing efforts. AMP makes direct mail a quantifiable, valued part of any marketing plan. I have been involved with direct mail for over 25 years and highly recommend the folks at Analytic Marketing Partners.”

Lois Ritarossi

Senior Consultant at Gimbel & Associates

“Steve and the AMP team provide true intelligence to data projects that produce results. He is a reliable partner who always brings creative options to the table. His data analytics and data modeling skills have produced insight to drive successful programs.”

Evan Childs

Sales Executive, O’Neil Data

“The AMP solution is one of the most insightful, powerful and easy to use analytics tools that I have seen in my career. Users are provided with actionable data and insight that enables them to make informed, data-driven business decisions. I have personally used and recommend various analytic reporting tools; but nothing hits at the core of critical business data like the AMP solution. Reports are easy to comprehend, high-level yet detailed enough to provide meaningful insight. Moreover, the AMP team is comprised of the smartest and nicest professionals that I have ever met. These are top pros that make difficult data easy to comprehend and the whole experience enjoyable. I can’t say enough positive things about the solution or the people behind it!”

Jeff Harris

EVP, Investments - Post Properties, Inc.

“Steve and his team performed valuable analysis in our efforts to better understand our customer base and their unique consumer preferences for rental housing. Their analysis provided unique insights that were new to our 40-year old company, while also affirming some of our existing beliefs. I can highly recommend Steve and his team to anyone wanting to drill down and better understand their customer and targeted markets.”

Randy Baker

CEO, Global Affinity

“In today’s economy capital reserves are a premium. When it comes to reaching your customers, you can no longer afford shots in the dark. With AMP’s MicroModeling® you have confidence that every shot is a laser to your target audience.”

Pat O’Brien

President, Whiteboard Communications

“Analytic Marketing Partners has proven to be a tremendous resource for our company, adding superior value and insight into many of our client engagements. Steve and his team provide incredibly helpful solutions and their MicroModeling® tools allow us to deliver a clear, easy-to-understand view into their customers and prospects.”

Chris Behrens

Former President and CEO, SourceLink

“I had the pleasure of working with Steve and his core team for 12 years at SourceLink. I depended on their analytical capabilities to drive increased response for our client’s marketing programs. Now at AMP, Steve’s group has taken analytics to a whole new level with their proprietary technique called MicroModeling®. If you need great results, I highly recommend you get them involved.”

Ivan Armstrong

CEO, Strategic Marketing, Inc.

“AMP’s MicroModeling® gives you the data needed to increase your direct marketing ROI. The AMP team delivers in-depth analysis for developing targeted campaigns and the analytics to measure results.”

David Griebel

Iverson Genetics (Previously CMO, The Maids International)

“MicroModeling® has proven to be a very effective tool in defining our customers. At the same time it builds a detailed view of the targeted marketing audience with the greatest potential. It helps us find the people who most likely need our services and captures the greatest likelihood to buy our products. I highly recommend MicroModeling® to franchisors trying to support and grow their sales.”

Liz Parker

President, LT Consultants

“I was astounded when I first saw the concept of MicroModeling®. The whole process was totally foreign to me. I love the detailed reports which provide a custom view on the real audience for each location, market or region. MicroModeling® has the power to target households that welcome direct mail and will take the action requested. It saves thousands of wasted dollars by eliminating consumers least likely to respond to others.”

Joe Mehl

President, Dispatch5.0

“We have consulted with Steve Godwin regarding the AMP/ MicroModeling® tool on several occasions. We have a very keen appreciation of how this process can create a customer profile and use that to sort out prospect data in such a way that only those most likely to buy are solicited. This results in huge savings in mail costs and follow up.”

Mark Hammerstrom

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, One2One Communications

“As traditional print service providers embrace the new world of integrated marketing services, data analytics will clearly play an increasingly important role not only in ensuring the right message gets to the right target across all media platforms, but also that companies maximize their advertising spend by focusing their valuable dollars on reaching their key customer segments which produce the highest ROI. AMP, with their MicroModeling® approach to targeting and analytics, provides a highly effective data analytics solution, featuring easy to use and understand dashboard access and fast actionable intelligence. We recommend AMP to our customers as a preferred solution to assist them in meeting the increasing demands of more effective and cost-efficient advertising campaigns.”