Case Study: From 1 to 200

One Studio's Dream to Expand

The Goal & The Obstacle

A small retail portrait studio knew they offered a great product families would love and had dreams of expanding to more than one location. Though they had big dreams, their marketing efforts were not delivering the results they needed. If they were going to reach more customers and expand their business, they were going to have to do something different, so they came to AMP.

The Plan

AMP used our proprietary household-level demographics that includes information on children in the home to find the studio’s target customers – families with young children. This data was a game-changer in the studio’s marketing efforts.

The studio used multiple channels to find new customers and found that direct mail drove the most business. They wanted to build on that success by mailing more, but they were not capturing home addresses at the point of sale, just phone numbers. AMP took the phone numbers, matched them with home addresses, and used that information to build MicroModels.

The Results

With their customized data models, the studio was able to identify their ideal customers and tailor their marketing efforts to target optimal prospects. The studio also used the MicroModeling® data for their email campaigns and had tremendous success in their multi- channel marketing.

The business saw exponential growth over the next few years. AMP created MicroModels to determine where the business should open new studios. The company expanded from 1 location to over 200 locations in 40 states! That's right. 200.
  • Identified Ideal Customers
  • Double Digit Growth Year after Year
  • Used data modeling to identify best locations for new studios
  • Expanded from 1 to 200 Locations
  • New marketing solutions with multi-channel approaches