If you could target your top prospects, wouldn’t you?

We help businesses grow by identifying top prospects, targeting them digitally, and knowing who responded.

When you AMPlify your marketing, you can make strategic decisions, reduce waste, and increase ROI.

Our mission is simple:

IDENTIFY your best targets with our MicroModeling® analysis which evaluates hundreds of data points on a market by market basis.
REDUCE your costs by eliminating those least likely to respond by 30-70%.
INCREASE your response rates, sales conversions, and purchase amounts.

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Optimizing Direct Mail for the Digital Age

Direct mail offers a tangible, personalized experience that digital marketing often lacks, but to truly maximize its potential, it needs to be integrated with digital strategies. Consumers are used to being able to buy products in person and online. This means you need to leverage technology in order to enhance your physical mailers. By optimizing… Read more »

Grow Your E-Commerce Business with Direct Mail 

For an e-commerce business, getting in front of a new audience can be challenging, especially if you don’t know who you are advertising to. Direct Mail is a powerful tool that will let you reach new audiences and drive more traffic to your website. Let’s look at how it can help your marketing strategy and… Read more »

Boosting Non-Profit Fundraising with Direct Mail

As a non-profit organization, how do you find new donors, connect with them, and inspire generosity? While digital marketing has become a mainstay, direct mail remains a powerful tool for reaching supporters and boosting non-profit fundraising efforts. In this competitive market, you can leverage direct mail to create targeted and impactful donation requests.  Why Direct… Read more »

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Direct Mail

We help get your message into the right hands using your data, our data or data provided by third parties such as credit bureaus.

Location Matters

Every store has its own unique customer footprint, and we run geographic analyses on each location to reveal tendencies on the local level.

Digital Targeting

Timeliness is critical for effective digital marketing. Now you can target households who are searching for your product/service on an hourly basis.

Successful business is all about understanding who your customers are and what they want. Our team is dedicated to helping you sort through the data and focus on what really matters.

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Our Services

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