Case Study: Finance Company

Immediately Saved $500,000

The Goal & The Obstacle

A finance company with 400 branches wanted to grow their business and increase their campaign results. They were sending out live checks, pre-approved offers, and invitations to apply to their prospects. Due to the sensitive nature of their mailings, errors were extremely costly, and the company was struggling to find a reliable data source. After switching sources several times, they came to AMP for help.

The Plan

AMP ran a historical campaign spatial analysis and discovered that 10% of their list had not responded in 12 months! By removing the non-responders, we were immediately able to save them over $500,000. Next, AMP created a MicroModel® for each of their 400 branches and recommended mail quantities for each location. As a 3rd party processor for each of the 3 major credit bureaus, we were able to apply our MicroModeling® tool to the credit data, score it, and send our recommendations to the company.

The finance company was also having to pay large fees for OFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) screening and asked if AMP could help. Our team gladly took on the challenge and worked with the US Treasury department to create our own OFAC screening process within 6 weeks.

The Results

The finance company received reliable data for all of their direct mail campaigns. They saw a clear picture of how each one of their branches was performing and received customized lists with OFAC suppressions. The company was blown away by their results and said they were the best they had ever received.
  • $500,000 in Savings
  • 400 MicroModels
  • OFAC Suppressions
  • Customized Mail List for Each Branch