Case Study: Electronic Sales

A Campaign that brought $1.3 Million in Sales

The Goal & The Obstacle

An electronics retailer in the Midwest sold products ranging from large appliances to small personal devices. Their goal was to improve results from direct marketing, but with over 100 locations, it was a challenge to discern the needs of each market. Their customers' behavioral and lifestyle interests varied greatly from state to state. Wanting to understand the uniqueness of each market, the retailer turned to AMP.

The Plan

AMP used MicroModeling® to create a custom model for each of the retailer’s locations. The MicroModels identified the best customers for each location and found new prospects who resembled those customers. With new customer profiles in place, AMP was able to isolate the stores with the most challenges. The retailer took this information and created new marketing strategies to help those locations grow.

The Results

MicroModeling® was 30% more effective than previous models. Using the MicroModels, the electronic retailer designed a direct mail campaign specifically for improving the sales of the lower performing stores. The campaign was a huge success. They sent out 250,000 mail pieces which generated $1.3 million in sales!
MicroModeling® is now an integral aspect of the electronics retailer's marketing strategy.
  • 100 Custom Models
  • 30% Increase in Model Effectiveness
  • 250,000 Piece Mailing Generated $1.3 Million in Sales
  • New Marketing Strategy for Lower Performing Stores