6 Reasons Printers Should Go Digital with Email Appends

Go Digital with Email Appends

If you are looking to grow your printer business but the paper shortage is holding you back, try adding digital services. You don’t have to become an SEO or social media expert to join the digital advertising world. You can help your clients by simply offering email appends.  

A data list is essential to reaching prospects and customers. As a printer, you have the unique opportunity to help your clients make their direct mail list go further by enhancing it for their digital campaigns. Introducing email appends to your service offering is a great way to add value for your customers. Here’s 6 reasons why you should go digital with email appends: 

1. Increase ROI 

It’s been proven that the most effective marketing strategies use both direct mail and digital channels. So why not help your clients boost their direct mail response rates by offering email and IP address appends? When you add digital addresses to postal addresses, you are helping your clients reach their customers across multiple channels. Your clients will see an increase in their ROI as they maximize their list’s potential.  

2. Real Results 

In order to add email appends, you need to have names and postal addresses. This means you are targeting individuals instead of sending out a mass mailing. When you target individuals, you can see real response results. You’ll know exactly who responded to the direct mail piece and the marketing campaign overall.  

Many times, people who receive a direct mail piece will do their transaction online. If you aren’t capturing names and email addresses, your response rates won’t accurately reflect who responded. Some of your direct mail responders may be attributed to a different channel.  

3. Customer Insights 

Adding digital addresses gives you access to new information about your client’s customers. You can gain valuable insights into who these people are, what they need, and how your client can help meet those needs. Email appends can also give you further insights into how their customers are responding and interacting with your client’s brand. 

4. Interacting with More Customers 

Not everyone on your client’s target list will be a good candidate for direct mail. In fact, you may never interact with a large portion of your client’s customer database. If you add email appends, you are able to help your client with all of their customers not just their direct mail leads.  

5. Seat at the Strategy Table 

The more you know about your clients, the better service you are able to offer them. By partnering with a data analytics team, you can earn yourself a seat at the strategy table. Expanding your service offerings to include email appends helps you join the conversation before your clients are ready to print their direct mail piece. You can also stay a part of the conversation long after the mail has been delivered to see the overall campaign results.  

When you sit at the strategy table and see the big picture, you are able to better advise your clients. Together, you can strategize on how best to implement direct mail in their marketing plan. You can also work together to improve their results and increase their direct mail ROI. 

6. Additional Revenue 

Offering email appends not only lets you interact with your clients more but also brings in additional revenue. Digital advertising is effective and here to stay. Instead of avoiding it or making your clients use two vendors, embrace the digital side and use it to propel your direct mail results forward.  

The best part is you don’t have to learn anything new or add any new equipment to add this service. All you have to do is partner with a great data analytics team.  

Our team has seen first-hand the power of combining direct mail with digital channels. If you are interested in how you can use this service for your clients, reach out to our team. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.