What Is Targeted Digital Marketing?

In today’s advertising world, businesses are always searching for ways to stand out and effectively reach their ideal customers. A key component of achieving these goals is targeted digital marketing. What is it and why is it so beneficial for companies to implement?  Understanding Targeted Digital Marketing  Targeted digital marketing is a strategy that focuses… Read more »

Data Analytics in Marketing
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics in Direct Marketing

According to the United States 2020 census, there’s approximately 258 million adults living in the United States. How do you find the right people to advertise your product or service to? Predictive analytics equips you with the tools you need to create targeted outreach and maximize your ROI.  The Power of Predictive Analytics  By using statistical… Read more »

Marketing Impacts More Than the Products Promoted

Marketing Impact Is More than Promoted Products Sold

How are you measuring your marketing impact? Is it the number of promoted products sold, coupon codes redeemed, or links clicked? If you are only using those metrics, then you are seeing a mere glimpse of your marketing efforts’ true impact. Yes, you want to sell the highlighted product or service, but ultimately the goal… Read more »

Undeliverable Mail

Reduce the Number of Undeliverable Mail Pieces

No one wants to receive stacks of undeliverable mail pieces. Not only does that stack represent a missed opportunity to make a sale, but it also represents wasted marketing dollars that could have been invested elsewhere. One of the main reasons mail pieces are undelivered is due to a lack of data hygiene.   Data… Read more »