Utilize Your Incomplete Data

Utilize Your Incomplete Data

Customer data is essential to creating effective marketing campaigns, but often, databases are full of incomplete records, rendering the data useless. Before you scrap the incomplete data, find out how you can not only put those records to good use but also improve the quality. 

Have you ever wanted to send a follow up email to your direct mail list and realized you only have email addresses for half of the list? Or what about sending a personalized mail piece to your customers, but you don’t have their first and last name? Data scientists can enhance the quality of your data and append those missing elements to the records, so you can reach your customers across multiple platforms, create personalized campaigns, and get the most out of your data analysis. 

Names & Postal Addresses 

When it comes to marketing lists, the two key elements you need are individual names and complete postal addresses. If you have those elements, you can append even more information and really get the maximum use out of your customer records.  

When data scientists append names and postal addresses, they will also run data hygiene. This means they will make sure your records align with the current information the United States Post Office has on file. If your customer has moved, they can update the address for you. Part of this process is also making sure the records have been run through CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) which standardizes the address formats to line up with USPS requirements.  

An additional layer of hygiene you can run is deceased suppression. This process flags records of individuals who have died and removes them from the file. By updating your names and addresses, you can eliminate marketing waste and make sure your marketing pieces are reaching your intended audience.  

Emails & Phone Numbers 

Once you have names and postal addresses updated, you can add email addresses and phone numbers. This will help you reach your audience across multiple advertising channels from emails to social media to display ads, etc. You can create a marketing campaign that surrounds your target audience and keeps your brand and offer in front of them.  

If you only collect customer email addresses, you can also append names and postal addresses to those emails. This process is called a reverse append and is really helpful in identifying responders from multiple purchase avenues.  

Demographic & Lifestyle Appends 

With customer contact information in place, you can then append demographic and lifestyle information to your marketing list. Not only can this information be used to model your customer data, but it can also aid you in creating customer segments for new marketing campaigns. By targeting specific groups of consumers, you can tailor your ads for each segment. Create more relevant and eye-catching advertisements by using copy, images, and offers selected for each group.  

Spatial Data 

Appending spatial data allows you to identify where your customers are coming from. Data scientists can analyze the different layers of geography and discover what makes your customers unique. These findings strengthen prospect models exponentially. A great prospect model will identify new territories that look identical to the areas your customers are coming from. With a strategic plan in place, you can create more effective marketing campaigns that focus on winning top prospects.  

Next Steps 

If you want to put your incomplete data to good use or enhance your marketing list, give us a call. We help businesses improve their data quality and focus their marketing efforts on their top clients and best prospects.