NCOA Processing Benefits

The benefits of NCOA Processing

Are you running your lead lists through the National Change of Address (NCOA) system? On average, the United States Postal Service (USPS) processes 98,630 address changes every day. In 2021, 36 million addresses were changed over the course of the year. That’s a lot of data updates to keep track of.  

Creating a great marketing campaign requires extensive time and effort. It’s an investment. The last thing you want is for your mail piece to be undelivered, returned, or delivered to the wrong person. Maximize your campaign’s impact by using accurate customer contact information. 

The USPS has a database of over 160 million records that you can utilize to make sure you have the most up-to-date addresses for your target audience. When you use NCOA processing, you are able to keep in touch with customers, cut down marketing waste, and increase ROI accuracy. 

1. Keep in Touch 

It’s always easier to do business with your current customers instead of trying to win new business. Because of this, it’s important you stay in front of your customers. NCOA processing will flag when they’ve moved. You can update your customer database and use this opportunity to let them know which store locations are closest to their new address.  

2. Cut Down Waste 

When a stack of undelivered or returned mail arrives, people often forget to update the customer database. This means your business will keep sending advertisements and communications to the same wrong addresses. Over time, that forgotten stack can add up to a lot of waste.  

You can reduce that waste by processing your target list through the NCOA database. This will flag any addresses you should remove and help you reduce the amount of re-mailing you have to do. 

3. Increases ROI Accuracy 

If your mail isn’t being delivered to the correct recipients, your response rates will be off. Using current addresses will help you reach the right people. It will also ensure you and your team are seeing accurate response data and ROI.  

Connecting with your target audience through direct mail has never been easier, and with incredible services like NCOA processing, you can stay in touch with the people you want to reach most.

If you have questions about NCOA processing or would like to know more, reach out to our team. We would be happy to help!