How to Apply Data Modeling Insights

Apply Data Modeling Insights

Data modeling can uncover valuable insights about who your customers are, where they are coming from, and what they are buying. Learning about your target audience is fascinating, but in order to take your marketing to the next level, you need to create a plan for how you’re going to use the information. While the possibilities are endless, let’s look a few ways you can apply your data modeling insights.  

Demographic Insights 

Demographic insights are your first tier of information. This is factual data about your audience such as age, gender, income, occupation, number of kids in the home, etc. This is great information to use when designing your marketing offers and creative. If you know your target audience is mostly dads with younger kids, design with them in mind. Use language that resonates with them, speak to what they care about, and incorporate images they can relate to.  

Consider who your audience is and think about your offer from their point of view. What obstacles might be preventing them from making a purchase? What questions might they have? Then, create marketing materials that address their concerns and give the answers they need. Consumers want to be known and understood. When you show you care, you are able to build rapport and trust with your audience. 

Lifestyle Insights 

Lifestyle insights cover what your audience is interested in and what their hobbies are. This can be anything from running to gardening to attending cultural events. Use this information to connect with your audience. If your audience loves to run, sponsor a booth at a 10k. If your audience enjoys gourmet cooking, host a special cooking class.  

Fuel your creativity with this information and find unique ways to connect with your prospects. Let’s say you own a store that’s dog friendly, and you know that most of your audience are dog owners. You can create a direct mail piece that lets your prospects know you’re pet friendly and include a coupon for a free dog treat if they bring a furry friend with them on their next visit.  

Location Insights 

Location insights can show you which neighborhoods your customers live in and what type of dwelling unit they have. This type of information can highlight your high performing areas, so you know where to focus your marketing efforts. If you have a lot of customers in an urban area, put up a billboard. If you have customers who enjoy swimming and have kids, try sponsoring a local swim team or hosting a food truck in an area with a high concentration of customers. 

Looking to expand? Location insights can show you other areas that look like your top zip codes and could support a new store. You can even see which areas are not responding, so you can change up your tactics or remove them from the list.  

Data modeling can give you a wealth of information about your customers and prospects. The best way to navigate all of the data is to start asking questions. What do you want to learn about your audience? How do you want to grow your business? Establish clear guidelines for what you are trying to accomplish, and then, analyze your data. After you have found the answers you were looking for, create a detailed plan for applying your discoveries.

Have a question about how you can apply your data modeling insights? Or want to learn more about your customers? Give us a call! We love answering questions about data modeling and creating custom models for our clients.