Add Email Addresses to Your Direct Mail List

Email Addresses

If you are looking for ways to enhance your direct mail response rates, try appending email addresses. Adding emails to your direct mail list will enable you to reach your audience through multiple channels, send timely reminders, and increase ways to capture responses.  

Communicating through Multiple Channels 

Using multiple communication channels to deliver the same message and offer builds credibility, recognition, and trust with your audience. Not only will you be delivering more impressions to your recipients, but you will also present them with more opportunities to respond. By incorporating multiple channels in your marketing strategy, you can reach your audience at home and while they are on the go.  


Email messaging is a wonderful tool to keep your offer in front of your audience. You can also use emails to let your audience know a direct mail piece is on the way or encourage them to act on the direct mail piece they have received.  

Life is full of demands and interruptions, and people are often distracted from acting on your offer. Don’t let interested consumers slip away. By adding email addresses to your mail list, you can send recipients reminders that their special deal is about to expire. Sending a last chance reminder will encourage your audience to finalize their transaction before it’s too late.  

Increase Transaction Identification 

Most people will respond to your offer in two different ways. Either they will make their purchase in store, or they will complete the transaction online. By adding email addresses to your direct mail list, not only can you communicate more frequently with your audience, but you can also track more responses to your campaign. You can use those email addresses to identify more conversions than with postal addresses alone. 

Even if you only collect names and email addresses online, data scientists can run a reverse email append to locate the customer’s postal address and then match them up to those targeted with direct mail.  


Winning over new customers takes time and multiple touches. When you append email addresses to your direct mail list, you are giving your team the information they need to stay in front of your audience and increase the impact of your marketing efforts.  

Adding email campaigns to direct mail will build your response rates over time. It’s important to remember great results take time to grow, so when you add a new marketing channel, give it 3-6 months to generate healthy results. One campaign will give you a quick snapshot but won’t let you know if it was a one-time success or a consistent way to increase results.  

The audience will need to adjust to seeing you on a new channel, and you will need to grow your reputation on that channel. Keep in mind it usually takes multiple exposures before consumers are willing to engage, but the wait is worth it. Our clients typically see a 30-50% increase in lift in response rates when they use direct mail and email together versus direct mail only.  

Next Steps 

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of adding email marketing to direct mail, reach out to our team. We will be happy to walk you through the process and see if appending email addresses is a great fit for your business.