Digital Ads Boost Direct Mail Response

Digital Ads Boost Direct Mail Response

Reaching your audience and getting their attention is critical to the success of your marketing campaign. Even more important is getting them to respond. By adding digital ads to your direct mail piece, you can see a 30%+ lift in response rates. These results come from surrounding your audience with your message and giving them multiple opportunities to respond. Digital marketing is not a one-size fits all. Consider who you are trying to reach and how you can use each channel to reach them.  

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a wonderful way to reach your audience and give them a tangible offer. This advertising channel makes a big impression and is considered to be highly trustworthy. Since people often handle their mail several times, it has the ability to create multiple impressions. Direct mail has a longer shelf life than any other digital channel. It can linger on people’s counters, fridges, and in their cars for weeks, giving a visual reminder each time they see it. However, it’s a passive marketing channel. People cannot directly respond to it.  

Adding digital ads to your direct mail piece keeps your campaign fresh and in front of your audience. It also gives your audience the chance to actively respond to your offer. Because direct mail creates a large impression, it should be the focal point of your campaign. All of your digital efforts should be scheduled around your direct mail’s arrival, so they can build the momentum.  

Remember your channels are not competing against each other but are working together to surround your audience with your message and move them further down the sales funnel and closer to making a purchasing decision.  


Email is considered to be one of the most trustworthy forms of digital advertisements. This advertisement is delivered to the individual’s inbox and can be personalized to enhance the recipient’s experience. You can use it to deliver larger amounts of information including links for them to watch videos, learn more, read reviews, and make a purchase.  

Besides reaching the recipient’s inbox, one of the greatest benefits of email is timed delivery. You can schedule emails to go out on a specific date and time, so you can remind your audience that they need to act before the offer runs out.  

Social Media

You can use social media to deliver ads to people who are scrolling through Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, etc. They are actively paying attention to the platform and able to interact with your ad. Social media ads will have less information, but viewers can click on the ad and be redirected to the website where they can see more details.  

Because these ads are viewed in a different format, it provides a fresh look for your offer, catching the viewer’s attention. Social media ads should share a similar look and feel as your direct mail piece, so viewers recognize your offer and make the connection. Delivering the same message across multiple channels establishes credibility for your offer.  

Display Ads

Display ads are served to people who are actively searching for information online. These ads are wonderful for creating brand recognition and reminding people to take action. As people interact with them, you can retarget them with more ads, keeping your offer in front of them.  

While display ads are clickable and can take viewers directly to your site, keep in mind most people who see display ads will open a new browser tab or start a new search instead of clicking directly on the ad. They are often more effective than their click-through-rate shows.  

Next Steps

By adding digital ads to your direct mail campaign, you can keep your offer in front of your audience, send important reminders, and encourage them to take the next step. Your audience is unique, so choose the digital channels they interact with in order to maximize your campaign’s impact.  

If you want to learn more about adding a digital boost to your next direct mail campaign, reach out to our team. Not only can we help you identify the best prospects for your business, but we can help you target specific households through direct mail and digital channels.