Maximize Your Website Retargeting Efforts

Maximize Your Website Retargeting Efforts

Some of the best prospects to focus on are those who are already visiting your website. They are in the market to buy, and you have made their list of options. The challenge is knowing who these prospects are and staying in front of them. The best solution for this is website retargeting. This process identifies anonymous website traffic and retargets visitors with ads. You can maximize your website retargeting efforts by using multiple platforms to reach your audience. 

Who do you want to identify? 

Before you get started, the first step you need to take is to determine who you want to identify. Not everyone who visits your website will be a new prospect or is interested in making a purchase. You can quickly waste a lot of marketing resources by identifying the wrong website visitors.  

To avoid using up your budget, take some time to look through your website and think about what actions an interested prospect would take. Are there certain pages they would visit? Is there a video they would watch? Would they start filling out a form? How many seconds should they be on a page before you identify them? Take these actions and create clear parameters for who you want to identify. 

The website retargeting pixel can be programmed to capture only the visitors who perform certain actions. This allows you to filter through all of your website traffic and focus advertising efforts on those most likely to make a purchase.  

Retarget Them 

After you have identified your website visitors, it’s time to get your message in front of them. Website retargeting offers a variety of options for staying in front of your top prospects. Choose the channels that make the most sense for your business and budget.  

Direct Mail 

One of the most popular ways to retarget website traffic is to send them a mail piece. Many companies send postcards as a quick and cost-effective touch, but other forms of mail work great as well. A website retargeting partner can send you a daily list of who visited your website the previous day. 

You can print and send mail each day, or if you want to reach a certain minimum, you can hold the list and mail it at the end of each week. Within a few business days, the visitor then receives a tangible reminder from your company encouraging them to make a purchase.  


As you receive your daily list of website visitors, you can keep in front of your prospects with promotional emails. Most businesses will send these out the day after the visitor comes to the website. Emails keep your leads warm and move them further down your sales funnel. You can also use them to send exclusive offers, highlight entry services, provide more information, and show clear next steps.  

Display & Social 

With direct digital marketing, you can specifically target the people on your website retargeting list through social media and display ads. By targeting interested leads, you can maximize your website retargeting efforts and focus on the people who are already in the market to buy. These ads serve as reminders and offer immediate ways to take action on your offer.  

How We Can Partner with You

At AMP, we want to help you connect with your best prospects and maximize your website retargeting efforts.  


First, we believe in offering high quality data. Our website retargeting services run visitor traffic through three different identity graphs in order to deliver the best records. On average, we can identify 50-60% of anonymous website traffic. We deliver names, postal addresses, and email addresses where available, so you can target your list across multiple channels.  


Second, we believe in reducing marketing waste. You should not have to pay for services you don’t need, so in an effort to deliver the highest quality leads, we incorporate a 30-day rolling suppression. Meaning if visitor A is identified as Lily Thomas on Monday and comes back on Tuesday, she will be suppressed from your new leads for 30 days. You don’t have to worry about sending double mailers or adding someone to your email deployment list twice.  

Direct Digital Targeting 

Not only do we help you identify relevant website traffic, but we offer direct digital marketing, so you can target the list of prospects through email, social, display, connected TV, and streaming radio ads. We help you surround your best prospects with your message and offer.  

Partner with Your Printer 

Direct mail is a very effective tool to win over website traffic. We can work directly with your printer and send them a daily list of new prospects, saving you time.  


When your campaign is over, we can run a matchback analysis on your responders. We will match your list of targeted prospects to those who made a transaction, giving you accurate campaign results.  

If you want to learn more about website retargeting, give us a call.