Achieving Greatness Part III: Measure Your Success

Measure Your Success

Part of achieving greatness is setting measurable goals. It’s a nice idea to say “I want to achieve x.” But if you don’t measure your success, you will never get where you want to go. Take time to establish your marketing goal and identify the steps you will need to accomplish it. 

Marketing plays a big part in helping companies grow and achieve great things, but often, people avoid setting clear measurements for their marketing efforts. They will spend a great deal of time and money creating beautiful campaigns, but they don’t look at the results to see how well the campaign did.

Once you have a goal such as winning new clients or increasing sales by 15%, you can design your campaign to meet that goal. You will also want to use good data to guide your marketing decisions. 

It’s best to look at current data and to look at individuals instead of a target audience. When you use individual records, you can see exactly who responded and how they responded. We highly recommend using 1:1 marketing, so you can see real results on your marketing campaigns. If you use a target audience, your results will be based on best estimates.

After you have a clean data list and have launched your campaign, you should evaluate it as it is happening. What are people responding to? How are different elements of the campaign working? Do you need to adjust anything. If it’s possible, you should do A/B marketing, so you can test different offers and wordings. This will give you insights into what catches your customers’ eyes. 

When the campaign is over, pull all of your purchase data together. It’s time to run a response analysis on your campaign to see who you advertised to and who responded. Again, if you used 1:1 marketing and targeted individuals, you will have clear results. The results analysis will show you not only how your campaign performed but also give you insight into what you can adjust to improve for next time.

Creating measurable goals for your marketing efforts and continuously analyzing the data will allow you to create more effective campaigns and see higher results. 

Our team loves digging through the data and helping you see how your marketing efforts are performing. We also enjoy finding ways to help you achieve greater results.

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