BOOSTING Non-Profit Fundraising

Boosting Non-Profit Fundraising with Direct Mail

As a non-profit organization, how do you find new donors, connect with them, and inspire generosity? While digital marketing has become a mainstay, direct mail remains a powerful tool for reaching supporters and boosting non-profit fundraising efforts. In this competitive market, you can leverage direct mail to create targeted and impactful donation requests.  Why Direct… Read more »

Are you wasting marketing budget on unresponsive zones

Are you wasting marketing budget on unresponsive zones?

Even if you are receiving a strong response rate from your campaigns, you could be wasting precious marketing budget on unresponsive zones. These are areas you have been consistently targeting and have had zero response over the last few marketing cycles. If you are not analyzing campaign results by geography, they can be easily overlooked…. Read more »

Data-Driven Direct Mail 5 Metrics

Data-Driven Direct Mail: 5 Metrics to Track Success

Savvy marketers know physical mail still delivers a strong impact. It cuts through the clutter of inboxes, offering a tangible touchpoint that resonates with customers. However, success in direct mail hinges on one key ingredient: data. By tracking the right metrics, you can transform your campaigns from a guessing game into a data-driven powerhouse. Let’s… Read more »

Data Analytics in Marketing
Maximize customer engagement with data-driven strategies

Maximize Customer Engagement with Data-Driven Strategies

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, it can be difficult to reach and engage new prospects. By incorporating marketing analytics into your advertising plan, you can create powerful data-driven strategies to grow your business. This approach leverages customer data to maximize the impact of marketing campaigns through personalization, predictive targeting, and multichannel integration for seamless customer… Read more »

YOY Reports

Year-Over-Year Reports Help You Navigate

Year-Over-Year (YOY) reports are valuable tools that help you evaluate performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions. These reports analyze data from one year to the next, offering important insights and the trajectory of your company. In an ever-changing market, these reports will empower you to set your business up for success.  Evaluate Performance  Through… Read more »

MicroModeling Individual Models
Campaign analysis

Campaign Analysis: Are All of Your Markets Performing Well?

When your marketing campaigns are over, are you reviewing overall metrics and ROI or are you looking at each individual market? Running a market-by-market campaign analysis enables you to see how each location is doing and how their individual audiences are responding. This type of data analysis equips you to make informed adjustments and provide… Read more »

Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles Help Build Successful Campaigns

In order to create a successful marketing campaign, you need to know who your audience is. This knowledge will shape everything from who you target, what you offer, how you design the creative, and which channels you use to reach them. You can learn about your audience through customer profiles which analyze thousands of data… Read more »

Compelling Offers

Are You Creating Compelling Offers?

When you evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns, are you reviewing each aspect? It can be tempting to look at only your ROI, but if you stop there, you won’t know what’s really working. Successful campaigns target the right people at the right time with a strong offer. As you evaluate everything from your… Read more »