Marketing Impact Is More than Promoted Products Sold

Marketing Impacts More Than the Products Promoted

How are you measuring your marketing impact? Is it the number of promoted products sold, coupon codes redeemed, or links clicked? If you are only using those metrics, then you are seeing a mere glimpse of your marketing efforts’ true impact. Yes, you want to sell the highlighted product or service, but ultimately the goal of any marketing campaign is to generate revenue.  

Measuring Marketing Impact

Not everyone who sees your ad will want the featured product, or they may find a more appealing offer on your website than what was listed on the ad. This doesn’t mean the campaign didn’t do its job. Far from it, if the prospect went to your website or visited your location, the campaign was a success.  

The first goal of any marketing campaign is to invite people in. You choose a product or a special to encourage them to do that. Once they are in, the next goal is to make a sale on anything. If they come in for the limited-edition cup but end up buying the whole cup set, that’s a win. If they come in for a facial but end up purchasing a massage instead, that’s also a win.  

Track Individuals Not Just Promotions

In order to see how well your marketing campaigns are performing, you need to pay attention to the individuals you are sending advertisements to and not just the number of the promotions claimed. If you only track the promotion, you’ll miss the product they bought instead, the number of people who upgraded their order, or all the add-ons they purchased. You could be missing tons of revenue generated because you are using a limited response system.  

Capturing & Measuring Campaign Success

At AMP, we believe it’s important to track open rates, QR Codes scanned, click-through-rates, codes redeemed, etc. Those measurements allow you to see if people are interacting with your offer, but we believe true success should be measured in revenue generated? What was your return on investment for this campaign? What is your real marketing impact?

Many of our clients are shocked by just how well their campaigns performed when they look at what the targeted individuals bought. To get these results, we created an 18-step matching algorithm, AMP Ultra-Match that identifies people on your transaction file and matches them to individuals on your marketing list. With this response analysis system, not only can we show you who responded, but we can also look at how much money they spent and what they bought.  

When you run a response analysis, you can see the real marketing impact and get a better picture of what brought customers in the door and what products and services are most important to them. You can then take this information and feed it into your campaign strategy, so you can create more compelling offers and stronger marketing campaigns. 

Wrap Up

Marketing campaigns will always impact more than the promoted product, so be sure to take into account all of the results it generated before determining if it was a success or not. Did you bring in more revenue than you spent? How many new customers did you gain? Did you grow your current customers with this promotion? 

If you want to see just how well your campaign performed, let’s connect. Our team can run a response analysis on your last campaign and give you true results.