What Is a Data Marketing Analyst and Do I Need One?

Data Marketing Analyst

A data marketing analyst is a numbers magician who takes hundreds of points of data about your customers and makes sense of it all.

Knowledge is power, so businesses are constantly collecting data on their customers. They collect anything from birthdays to contact information to purchase history, etc. The amount of data gathered quickly adds up and can be overwhelming if you don’t know how to interpret the information. 

Data marketing analysts sift through the thousands of data points on your customers and find positive and negative trends. Some of the data will be irrelevant, but other data can give great insight on who your customers are and what they want.

With the help of data analysts, you can focus on actionable information. They can help you identify what is working in your marketing and what isn’t, so you know what to do next. They can highlight you who your best customers are and which prospects are the least likely to respond, so you can focus your marketing efforts where they will make the greatest impact. 

Do you need a data marketing analyst? Yes. You definitely want one of these wizards on your team. When your customer data has meaning, you have the power to target the right people for your business and to increase your sales.

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