Why Is Geographical Data Important?

Geographical Data

Geographical data will give you important information about your customers such as how far away are they from your location, what traffic patterns do they follow, and which neighborhoods do they live in. When you look in depth at geographical data, it will reveal what your unique marketing footprint looks like.

This information can be incredibly valuable and help you understand three major things.

1. Customer Locations

When you analyze geographical data, you will see where you customers are located. How long are they driving to your store? Are they passing other store locations to get to a particular one? Geography data can tell you what type of home your customers live in like apartments, single family homes, etc. This data will also show you whether they live in rural, suburban, or urban areas and the economic status of their neighborhoods. 

2. Similar Markets

Once you know what your top performing markets look like and where your customers are coming from, you can take that information and find similar markets. This data will allow you to see which markets you should pursue and which ones you should avoid marketing to or even expanding into. 

3. Marketing Performance

When you know where your customers are coming from, you can compare that information to where you are marketing to and see how your marketing efforts are working. Are certain mediums performing better for you than others? Are you targeting the right markets?

These three items are the tip of the iceberg for what geographical data can tell you about your customers. Analyzing your unique data will enable you to make more informed marketing and expansion decisions.

At Analytic Marketing Partners, we pull five layers of geographical data and would love to help you understand more about your customers. If you would like to know more, send us a message