Finding Your People with Data Analytics

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Every business has a unique audience who is interested in and looking for their goods or services. The marketing team’s challenge is finding them. The search to find the right audience can feel like solving a Sherlock Holmes case. Instead of guessing who your people are and where to find them, harness the wealth of information at your fingertips with data analytics.  

4 Ways Data Analytics Can Help You Find Your Audience: 

1. List of Candidates 

When solving any good mystery, you start with a list of suspects. Data scientists begin their analysis process with a list of names and addresses. If you want accurate information and real results, it’s important to analyze individuals and not audiences. Data Scientist will take this list of individuals and identify which ones are the most likely to respond and which ones are not a good fit for your brand.  

2. Location 

Data scientists take your current customers’ addresses and analyze 10 layers of geographical data. During this process, they look for common characteristics of your customers’ neighborhoods and zip codes. This information helps them find other neighborhoods and zip codes with matching attributes. Knowing where to physically find your audience helps you focus your marketing efforts on the right areas.  

3. Appends 

In order to maximize your campaign results, it’s best to advertise across multiple channels. This can be difficult if you only have your customers’ names and addresses or names and emails. Data scientists solve this problem by appending data to your target list. They can append addresses, names, email addresses, IP addresses, and demographic information. All of this information helps you see a clearer picture of who your targets are. It also help you find them online, so you can make smart decisions about where to advertise and helps you get your message in front of the right people.

4. Modeled Look-a-likes 

After you know who your customers are and where to find them, data scientists can find others who share similar data profiles. Your data team will establish a customer profile and create a data model. Next, they will run your list of prospects through the model which will flag the best candidates for you to target.  

In order for a customer to make a purchase, three things must happen. First the customer has to have a desire or need for your product or service. Second, the customer has to have the means to make the purchase. Third, the customer has to come across your company at the right time.  

Data analytics can help you find the people who are interested in what you have to offer and who have the means to purchase your product/service. When you know where to find them, you can strategically place your message in front of them, so when the timing is right, you’re the company they look to.  

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