Get Creative with Geofence Marketing


If you are looking for new ways to increase customer loyalty or bring in more prospective customers, geofence marketing is an excellent tool to add to your campaign strategy. Geofencing allows you to target your customers, your competitors’ customers, and even consumers with similar interests all through highly focused location-based marketing. 

How Geofence Marketing Works

Instead of canvasing a large area with advertisements, you can select the exact locations you want to target. Geofence marketing allows you to create virtual boundaries and send ads to anyone who enters the boundary. These virtual boundaries use GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals to capture individuals walking in with smart devices such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches. 

Once a personal device has entered the boundary, you can start sending ads. Some companies will send ads to people during their time within the boundary while others will use the “follow” feature and target those individuals with ads later that day or the next day. Choose the method that works best for your offer.  

Target Your Customers 

It might seem redundant to advertise to your current customers, but in order to build brand loyalty and strengthen your customer relationships, you need to stay in front of them. Many companies are fighting for your customers’ time and investment, and you don’t want to be forgotten about or lose loyal customers to another brand. Incorporating geofence ads allows you to target your consumers with special offers while they are at your location, remind them a deal is about to expire, and send them exclusive offers, encouraging them to come back. 

Target Your Competitors’ Customers 

Geofence ads enable you to draw virtual boundaries around your competitors’ locations, so you can send tailored offers to their consumers. Let their audience know you have better pricing, higher quality, more options, or even better reviews. This is a great way to get in front of people who are already interested in similar products or services. You can create ads that let them know they have options and tell them why they should choose you instead. 

Target Consumers with Similar Interests 

How well do you know your customers? Do you know where else they shop? If you sell outdoor clothing and know that your customers also buy products at the gadget store across the street, chances are high that the gadget store’s customers might also like what you have to offer. You can geofence their location and send tailored ads to their in-store foot traffic, driving awareness of your company. You might even try a joint advertising effort with some of the other places your customers shop at. 

Using Geofence Marketing

Geofence marketing is a great way to get your message in front of people in strategically selected areas. Think through where your customers and best prospects are and target those areas. This marketing strategy has so much potential. Check out these campaign ideas and be creative on how you use geofence advertising. 

  • Target your surrounding community to let them know your store just opened. 
  • Highlight a favorite dish or drink special to people attending the town’s festival. 
  • Let local bookstore visitors know your coffee shop is just around the corner. 
  • Show off your new soccer gear to those who are playing at the public parks. 
  • Remind people to pick up bread on their way home. 
  • Invite the staff at your competitor’s office to apply for your open positions. 

The possibilities are endless with geofence marketing. Create campaigns and be laser focused on the areas you want to target with your message. If you want to learn more about how you can use geofencing to grow your business, give us a call.