3 Ways to Reduce Your Direct Mail Campaign Costs

Sending out a direct mail campaign is a highly effective way to communicate with your customers and reach potential customers. Are you ready to start your next campaign but wondering how you can stay on budget? Check out these three ways you can reduce your costs and increase your results. 

1. Analyze Your Results

Before sending out your next mail campaign, make sure you analyze the results of your last campaign. How did it perform? Who responded? Taking the time to see what worked and what didn’t will give you powerful insight into how to adjust for your next campaign. Your direct mail list should be an ever-evolving list as you hone in on who your best customers are and what mail pieces are most effective for your audience. 

If you don’t analyze your results, you’ll waste time and resources sending to people who are not interested. Cleaning up your mailing list will enable you to see more accurate results, receive greater ROI, and reduce costs.

2. Find a Great Printer

A direct mail campaign has many variables that affect its costs. Finding a great printer whom you can trust will help you avoid costly mistakes. Experienced printers have a great understanding of all of the USPS requirements and can advise you on what will work best for your campaign. They can navigate you through selecting the right size, number of mailings, paper weight, to fold or not to fold, types of ink, selecting designs, etc. When you have a strong partnership with a printer, they can help you make the best choices, find ways to stay within budget, and even advise how to save on costs.

3. Maximize Your Mail Piece

It’s also important you maximize your mail piece and think through how to best use the mailer’s real estate. Invest in a good design and strong copy for your mailer. What information do you want the recipient to know and how can you convey that information in an eye-catching, easy to understand way that stays true to your brand? Too much copy may overwhelm the reader, causing them to look away, and not enough information, may leave your recipient confused. A well designed piece will be far more effective and will bring greater results. 

By analyzing your results, working with a trusted printer, and utilizing the space on your mailer well, you can reduce your direct mail costs and create a stronger, more effective campaign.