5 Ways to Help You Personalize Your Direct Mail

Personalize Your Direct Mail

One of the best parts about direct mail is that it’s personal. You are physically delivering your message to your target audience, so why not maximize the experience by increasing the customization? The more you personalize your direct mail, the greater the impression you will create. We listed out 5 ways to get you started.

1. Address the Receiver

Go ahead and purchase good data that shows the resident’s names. Addressing the resident directly instead of a blanket address such as “current resident” will grab your reader’s attention. Simply listing their name already makes it feel more personal and shows intentionality. 

2. Customize the Design

Divide up your audience into age brackets, different hobbies, pet owners vs. non-pet owners, or by stages of life and create a different design for each group. You might feature retirement activities for those who are 65+ or families with young kids enjoying a family night with your product or service. This doesn’t mean that every single person needs to receive a different image, but creating different pieces for different groups will go a long way in letting your audience know you understand them. 

3. Map It Out

With geographical data, it’s easier than ever to direct people to your store. Include a map, showing your recipient how to get from their home or business to your store. You can personalize your direct mail piece for each recipient. You can also send them out to people within a specific mile radius of your location. If you own multiple locations, you can direct people to the location closest to them.

4. Send a Reminder

Is it time for your customer to get their eyes checked or order new contacts? Is it time for them to renew their pest control service? You can use your customer data to send friendly reminders to your clients letting them know it’s time for them to take action. This is a great way to build trust and show you care. 

5. Create a Connection

When you study your customer data, you’ll see a good picture of what’s important to your target audience. Create content that not only interests them but answers their questions. If you’re sending mail about student loans to incoming college freshmen, include some financial tips and best practices for student loans. This type of content shows that you understand your audience and what’s important to them and establishes your credibility as an expert who can help them.

No matter what you are offering, remember you are delivering your message to people’s homes and places of work. It’s a personal interaction, and if you take the time to do it right, you can create a positive connection with the recipients and leave a memorable impression for your brand.