Website Retargeting: Don’t Let Interested Leads Slip Away

AMP Website Retargeting

Finding new prospects and winning them over requires time, money, and effort. The process starts with creating awareness and introducing prospects to your brand, products, and services. The evaluation phase involves providing prospects with additional information while they determine which solution is best for them. When you make it to the conversion phase, your goal is to stay in front of them until they make a purchase. But what about the anonymous prospects who are visiting your website? They are already aware you exist and are in the evaluation or even conversion phase. These are highly interested leads, and it is important to know who they are and keep your brand in front of them. The best strategy for winning over new leads is website retargeting.  

Website retargeting is the process of identifying anonymous website visitors and targeting them with marketing materials through different channels. By using multiple channels to reinforce your brand and offer, you are keeping the audience engaged and building momentum.  

When to Use Website Retargeting 

Trying to Grow 

Website Retargeting is great for companies who are trying to grow their customer base. As mentioned earlier, your anonymous website traffic visitors already know you, are interested in what you have to offer, and are evaluating if your solutions are the right ones for them.  

If you can identify who they are, you can send them more information or keep your brand in front of them until they make their decision. Website visitors are strong leads that you should invest in and go after with a strategic plan.  

Trying to Increase Response Rates 

If you send out a direct mail piece, it is always good to know who is interacting with your marketing materials. However, not everyone will use the PURL, QR Code, unique URL, or coupon code that’s on the piece. Some individuals will enter your website domain directly and browse from there. Website retargeting allows you to capture and identify your anonymous browsers, so you know who is showing interest and who you should continue to invest in.  

Trying to Connect with Organic Traffic 

How are potential customers finding you? Who is finding you organically? By identifying website visitors who have not received your marketing efforts, you can see who you should add to the list. You can also see if your organic traffic aligns with your current customer base. If they differ, you can target a new segment of prospects and build a campaign specifically tailored for them.  

How to Use Website Retargeting 

Decide Who to Identify

When you set up website retargeting, take some time to think through who you want to target. Websites can receive a lot of traffic, and it is not beneficial to you to go after everyone. The main goal of website retargeting is to find visitors who are not current customers but are showing signs of becoming one.  

Do you want to identify people who are looking at a specific service on your website? Maybe, you want to encourage people who’ve abandoned their online cart to return and finalize their purchase. Deciding who you want to identify will help you create a customized plan for winning over those prospects.  

Set Up the Process 

After you know who you want to identify, think about what that person is looking for? What do they want or need? What actions on your website would they take to find answers? Create a list of parameters such as identify people who spent more than 30 seconds on Service A’s page or clicked on the “request a quote” form but didn’t fill it out, etc. These parameters will be used to set up the identification pixel on your website. By limiting who you identify, you are able to suppress loyal customers and focus your marketing efforts on winning new clients.  

Select Your Channels 

Finally, you need to decide which channels you want to use to reach your prospects. Do you want to send them an email the next day? Perhaps, you want to send them a postcard in the mail 3 days later or target them with social media and display ads. Choose a channel that makes the most sense for your audience and send them an exclusive offer. For an even stronger impact, use a combination of marketing channels to keep your offer in front of your chosen audience.

Whatever you select, you need to implement as soon as the visitor has been identified. The more time that passes, the less effective your marketing efforts will be. Not to mention, you are giving your competition more time to win them over. Work with your team to create a plan and build in as much automation as possible, so you can keep the momentum going and win over the prospect.  

Wrap Up 

Interested leads are a precious gift that can easily be overlooked and slip through your fingers. If you want to identify and reach your website visitors, let’s connect and see if website retargeting is a good fit for you.