You’ve Got a Marketing Goal; Now What?

Four Steps to Achieve Your Marketing Goal

After much consideration, and probably a few meetings, you’ve settled on a marketing goal, and it feels good. But now, you’re not quite sure what to do next. Here are four steps to help you achieve your marketing goal.

Step One: Know Where You Are

Before you can get to where you want to be, it’s important to know where you are. Pull your customer data and analyze it. Who are your customers? What do they like? What are they buying? How are they finding you? Are they repeat customers or making a one-time purchase? By taking a look at your customer data, you can see a clear picture of what is and isn’t working.

Step Two: Define Your Target

It’s extremely important to identify who you are targeting. If not, you’ll end up sending out massive amounts of marketing emails, mailers, and ads. Most of those will end up going to people who will never be good customers. But if you define a target audience, you can focus on the people who are most likely to respond to your marketing materials and see a greater return on your investment. If data analytics are done properly, you can cut 20 – 60% of your marketing list. This allows you to spend your marketing dollars on the people with the highest potential to be great customers.

Step Three: Build a Model

Once you’ve identified who your best customers are, you can create a model and run your data list through it. This process will filter out all the candidates who are least likely to respond, leaving you with a list of people who are most likely to respond. Data Models not only tell you who these potential customers are but also what they are into like music styles, hobbies, interests, etc. This critical information will allow you to customize your marketing for your target audience and can reveal the best marketing channels to reach them.

Step Four: Deploy the Plan

After you’ve analyzed where you are, identified who you are going after, and learned how to reach them, it’s important to put the plan into action. Use all that wonderful data at your fingertips to design your marketing pieces, select the channels your targets are interacting with, and deliver your message to them. As you deploy your plan, continue to analyze the data and make adjustments along the way. The more data you gather, the more informed you’ll be about reaching your goal.

If you have questions about these four steps to achieve your marketing goal or want to give data analytics a try for your business, send us a message.