Achieving Greatness Part I: Gather Your Team

Achieving Greatness

Achieving Greatness. For some, that phrase is exciting, inspiring. For others, that phrase sounds hard, but the difference between the person who achieves greatness and the one who doesn’t is one decided to go for it. 

Are you ready? 2021 could be the year you say yes and step towards accomplishing your goals. This could be the year it happens, but you have to decide to do it. Your dreams can become reality if you make a plan, determine the cost, gather your team, and take action. 

Truly great things don’t happen on our own. You need a strong team to help you get there. You need to surround yourself with people who are strong in the areas you are weak, people who will give sound advice and not only what you want to hear, and people who will help you move through the obstacles you’ll face along the way.

Four Steps to Building Your Team

  1. Know What You Bring to the Table. What are your company’s strengths? Where do you shine best? What’s really important to your company?
  2. Understand Where You Need Help. What areas of your business could be really sharp with a great partnership? What friction points could be eliminated for your customers and your employees if you had some additional support?
  3. Find Skilled Experts and Team Up. Teams are only as strong as their weakest point and that’s especially true in business. Find great businesses to team up with and be willing to be the weakest point. They will only make you stronger and your business even better.
  4. Do the Work. Great teams are built on trust and good communication. Be open and honest. Be kind. Have open communication about what processes are working and which ones aren’t. Are there ways you can help them? How can you improve the partnership?

When you have a great team standing with you, achieving greatness is easier and a lot more fun.