Target Your Direct Mail List Digitally 

Target Your Direct Mail List Digitally

Direct mail is a great advertising tool that allows you to put your message directly in the hands of customers. It’s effective because you are able to communicate with the individuals you’ve chosen on a 1:1 level. Did you know that you can enhance the impact of your mail piece by targeting your direct mail list digitally?  

Three ways you can reach your mail list digitally: 

Reach Your Direct Mail List with Emails

If you use USPS Informed Delivery, you know when your mail arrives in homes. You can take this information and build momentum for your direct mail by targeting those same individuals with supporting emails.

Some companies will bookend their mail piece with an email prior to delivery and an email after delivery. While others use the mail piece as the kick off of the campaign and launch their emails after the mail arrives. Both approaches provide a unified brand experience, increase campaign touches, and can add a 20-40% lift for your direct mail campaign.  

Target Your Direct Mail List with Display and Social Ads

The process for how people shop has evolved. Instead of going directly to a store to make a purchase, customers may do research at home online before buying a product in-store. Sometimes, customers discover a product in store and check out reviews on their mobile device. Still others see products in store and purchase online. Each person has a different purchase journey, and more often than not, their buying experience is integrated.  

For this reason, it’s good to stay in front of your customers wherever they are. Display and social media ads are typically displayed to a general audience. But now, technology exists to target a specific list of individuals online.  

This means you can reinforce your mail piece by sending digital ads to the individuals on your direct mail list. You no longer have to waste resources promoting your business to people who are included in your digital audience specifications but are not actually a good fit. 

Stay in Front of Your Direct Mail List with Connected TV and Streaming Radio Ads

More and more individuals are switching over to connected TV and streaming radio. These platforms offer a unique advertising experience to their users. Two neighbors can be watching the exact same football game but see completely different ads. It also works for podcasts or streaming radio. If two coworkers are listening to the same podcast episode, one might hear an ad for dog food while the other hears an ad for a new shampoo.  

Their advertisement experience will be customized for them. This means you no longer have to pay to run an ad in front of everyone who is tuned in to the same game or radio station. You can choose who you want to put your ad in front of and pay for only those people.  

It takes multiple touches before a person is willing to make a purchase. By targeting your direct mail list digitally, you increase the number of touches for your campaign. As customers encounter your message on multiple platforms, momentum builds and trust is earned.  

Not only are you able to enhance the impact of your direct mail, but you are also able to reduce marketing waste. Direct marketing allows you to choose the individuals you want to target and to reach them on the platforms they interact with. You no longer have to pay to advertise to people who are not a good fit for your business.  

At AMP, we help businesses connect with their best customers and prospects and maximize their marketing efforts. If you want more information about adding digital services to your direct mail campaign, reach out to our team.