Is Your Marketing Message Getting Delivered?

Put Your Message in the Right Hands

In today’s digital world, most people have multiple social media accounts, emails, and even phone numbers. It can add up to quite a few communication channels per person. How can you make sure your marketing message is getting delivered?

Digital marketing has its strengths and can be very effective, but it’s hard to know if customers received your message. Social media targets users with algorithms that may or may not correctly identify your target audience. ISP (internet service providers) can send your emails to junk or clutter folders, and phone calls can come across as intrusive or even be illegal depending on your customers’ mobile or landline status. 

If you want to make sure your marketing message gets delivered, send your customers direct mail. It’s still the most effective way of reaching an individual. When you send mail, the United States Postal Service is legally required to deliver your message to the address listed. 

Some believe direct mail is expensive or ineffective, but these campaigns typically fail when businesses use incorrect or outdated data. When you clean up your mailing list and target the right people, you’ll cut your costs and see higher results. 

We love helping clients refresh their mailing list, and with our data analytics process, we’ve helped clients save up to $1.3 million dollars. 

If you need assistance analyzing your marketing list, contact us. We would love to help you save money and get your message delivered