Take Your Printing Services to the Next Level

As a printing service, your customers rely on you to help them navigate the many decisions and factors that go into printing their direct mail pieces. You offer advice on paper size to postage and everything in between, but if you are wanting to take your printing services to the next level, consider offering data analytics.

Partnering with a great data analytics team and offering these services to your clients will grow your business overnight. Data analytics can be used for multiple services such as data modeling for direct mail lists, email appending, and results analysis. Take a look at how these services can help you better serve your clients.

Data Modeling

With the cost of postage always on the rise, customers are being more selective about who they send direct mail. Offering data modeling allows you to help your clients identify their ideal customers, target the best potential customers, and remove those least likely to respond to their offers. Modeled data enables your clients to see higher response rates and greater ROI. When you help your clients succeed, they are far more likely to be repeat customers.

Email Appending

The most successful marketing campaigns are integrated campaigns where the message is shared across multiple platforms. They are even stronger when the campaign combines direct mail and digital marketing. When you offer data analytics, you are able to help your customers with both the traditional and digital sides of their campaign. Data analytics teams can append email addresses from direct mail lists, giving your clients a unified list with names, addresses, and email address for their potential customers, enabling them to target the same people across multiple platforms.

Result Analysis

When you offer data analytics, you have the opportunity to work with your clients after their direct mail campaign has been delivered. Data analytics teams can run results analysis on a campaign, delivering all sorts of useful information on what aspects of the campaign worked and what didn’t. Where did the conversions of sale come from? The ability to track and understand results gives your clients the information they need to make informed decisions about their next campaign. They can make adjustments and see even better results on their next mailing.

When you offer data analytics to your customers, you have the opportunity to work with them during the planning, execution, and review of the campaign. This enables you to deepen your relationship with your clients, set them up for success, and become an even stronger partner in their marketing efforts. The best part is you don’t have to learn data analytics. You just need to find a team of analyst you can partner with and trust.

If you have questions about any of these services or would like to know how you can partner with us, send us an email. We would love to help you expand your business and help your clients achieve greater success on their marketing campaigns.