Accelerate Your Direct Mail Results with Digital

Accelerate Your Direct Mail Results

Direct mail creates strong, tangible impressions for your recipients, and you can enhance its performance by adding in digital marketing. Digital marketing touches accelerate your direct mail results by keeping the lines of communication open, reinforcing your message, and reminding viewers to act.  

Since your direct mail piece carries the most weight, it should be the focal point of your marketing plan. Setup your digital touches to be delivered around the mail piece’s in-home date. By creating a cohesive schedule, you will ensure all your marketing pieces are working together to move the recipient further down your sales funnel.  

Keep Lines of Communication Open 

Accelerate your direct mail results by keeping the lines of communication open. If you only send one marketing piece, you’ve opened the door for your recipient to respond once. They’ll forget about your ad, move on to something else, and the door will shut. However, if you use multiple touches in your campaign, you are keeping the line of communication open. Each touch provides the individual with a chance to react and respond.  

Reinforce Your Message 

Regardless of what channels you use to reach your target audience, make sure they all share the same look, feel, and offer. If you have a completely different design or offer on every channel, your audience will process each one separately as a one-time touch. Instead of working together, your channels will compete for your audience’s attention. However, if they all share the same offer and look, you will reinforce the message. This process creates brand recognition, establishes trust, and builds campaign momentum.  

Remind Recipients to Act 

Your audience is inundated with offers and new information all day long. Even after you’ve convinced someone to make a purchase, they can be interrupted and forget all about their shopping cart. Don’t miss out on these important transactions. Remind your audience to act! You can use digital marketing elements to send out timely reminders. Let your audience know an offer is expiring or they left something in their online shopping cart. Invite them to complete their transaction before it’s too late.  

Accelerating Growth 

Successful sales happen when you get your offer in front of the right person, at the right time. In order to do that, you need to stay in front of your audience. While you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with messages, you do want to create a steady rhythm of touches that will reach them throughout various points in their day, so when the timing is right, they have the chance to finalize their purchase.  

Direct mail allows you to reach your intended audience members where they live. As they physically touch the mail piece and move it from their mailbox to their car to their home, it generates multiple touches. When you add in digital elements, you can accelerate your direct mail results by delivering additional touches during a brief window of time. These digital touches can reach your audience when they are at work or on the go, extending the impact of your campaign.  

Next Steps 

If you want to learn more about enhancing your direct mail performance with digital, give us a call. We love helping businesses find their best prospects, successfully reach them, and increase their ROI.